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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 3, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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a holiday party at the time. it read merry christmas. these days americans send, get this nearly 2 billion text messages a month. 200 billion even. good god. the world first said hello in 160 characters or fewer 20 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, december the 3rd, 2012. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> early 20's. female. she has been shot about three or four times. >> shots fired. >> bill: a pro-football player murders the mother of his baby and then kills himself right in front of his coach. >> i'm choosing not to answer any questions about what i saw yesterday. it wasn't a pretty sight. so i'm choosing not to talk about it.
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>> this is a horrendous story and we will discuss it with bernie goldberg, juan williams, and mary katharine ham. about getting upsetis going at people who are trying to take away our christmas, isn't that silly, too? >> bill: well, no, father, it's not silly, because the attacks on christianity in america are on the rise. jonathan morris and i will debate it tonight. >> so ann coulter was cancelled here. do you agree with that or disagree. >> definitely agree with it. >> i think her opinions are too outspoken. >> bill: fordham university saying no to ann coulter but they have allowed radical leftists to talk on campus. we sent jesse watters to find out just what is is going on. >> that's not very tolerant. i thought the university was supposed to be a place of tolerance and acceptance. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. guns, football and murder that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, kansas city chiefs football player belcher murdered the girlfriend and mother of 3 month old daughter and then committed suicide in front of his coaches. doesn't get worse than belcher used a handgun to commit his crimes there are many aspects to this case. bob costas brought one of them into the arena last night. when he quoted a kansas city sports writer named jason whitlock who assigned some the blame for the horrible crime to gun possession. >> our current gun culture, whitlock wrote ensures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy and that more convenient store confrontations over loud music coming from darr will lead more teenage boys bloody and
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dead. they exacerbate our flaws tempt us to arguments and tempt us to confrontation rather than avoiding it. >> even if you believe what costas and whitlock are putting out there, what's the solution? the constitution gives americans the right to protect themselves,s that clear. many parts of the country people need hand guns in order to feel secure against criminals who might harm them. talking points has long felt that criminals who use handguns should be punished more harshly than they are now. in fact, all gun crimes in america should be federalized and that includes illegal possession. the level of aggression that a criminal brings is far greater when that criminal uses a gun. a lethal weapon is just that lethal. and so there should be mandatory federal prison time for any person convicted of having a gun illegally and if you commit a crime with a gun that mandatory should be 10 years. that would go a long way
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toward stopping gun violence in the u.s.a. you are not going to stop it completely it will always be people like mr. belcher who lose control. and you cannot disarm the entire american population to combat madness. it would be madness to even try that the past 10 years increase in the number of handguns in america. there may be 100 million of them in circulation right now. but there has been a decrease in handgun crime. 10 years ago about 7,000 handgun murders. last year the number was 6,000 it is quite understandable that people are reacting emotionally to this terrible crime in kansas city. but the problem america has is not law abiding citizens possessing weapons. that's not damaging the nation. crimes committed with handguns and out-of-control people that's what's hurting the u.s.a. you will never stop crimes of madness, you are never going
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to stop them like the kansas city situation. you can put violent criminals away for a long time if they use a gun during the commission of a crime. and that should be done. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction. joining us from washington mary catherine ham and juan williams from washington. where am i going wrong, juan. >> you said people feel more secure if they are able to own a gun. i have got to say first off the bat, bill. i think you are exactly right about everybody's right to have a gun the supreme court has reaffirmed it. i differ about my understanding what the founding fathers wrote. i think they were writing about a militia. the court sides with bill o'reilly or bill o'reilly sides with the court. we have some guns in this country right now and when you talk about someone feeling more secure, according to the center for disease control, you know, you're 50% more likely to shoot yourself than shoot any other criminal, more likely to shoot a spouse or a child than to shoot anybody who intends to do you harm. that's why i think --
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>> bill: that's an individual decision and you can say look, you are 50% more likely to have a house fire if you have an oven rather than if you didn't have one. that doesn't really make any sense. what makes sense though is mary katharine for the federal government to send a message that all right we understand some people have to have handguns and we are not going to restrict the sale of handguns to people who are legally entitled to them. you must have a license. you must go through training you must do what the government mandates you to do. you have a handgun or machine gun. you don't have the papers and you commit a crime with them or whatever. you are going to jail that message is not being sent and it should be. >> that's the better two of messages that after you have gone over the line and committed a crime with your gun then you are to be held responsible to the -- that makes more sense to me.
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>> here is the thing about this conversation is that i think a lot of this, the nfl coverage was strange yesterday because there was very little desire to put any blame on the player himself on belcher himself this weird situation where more people had more moral outrage about dom errant kick. you saw bob does stats entirely on handguns. >> bill: i think that's unfair to costas. >> but i think what you are doing when you start a gun control conversation about something that by the way is a total political nonstarter is that you obscure a discussion of, i don't know, domestic violence, about mental illness that may have led to this kind of thing. >> bill: you can have discussions like that all day long, mary katharine, you are not going to be able to stop madness. madness is always going to be with us. >> you could actually discuss domestic violence and that would help, i think. >> bill: can you discuss it all day long. madness is madness. your discussing it isn't going to make it less. >> you are not going to
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prevent all of them. i'm just saying that would be a more productive conversation i think than talking about handguns. >> bill: you guys can have all the conversations you want i'm in business to solve problems. juan, i thought it was irresponsible of bob does stats and i'm a friend of his. i think he is the smartest sportscaster in the country. >> i agree. >> bill: to put forth that without any solutions, you can't round up handguns. we have 100 million of them. >> more than that i think if you throw in the cops and the military, i think we have got more guns than people in this country. >> bill: don't obviate the issue. we have more than 100 million in play. we have a constitution that allows us to protect ourselves. why bring this up? what does costas want to achieve by that? it seems to me a useless emotional display based on, what? are you going to now outlaw handguns and everybody has to turn them in? that's not going to happen so why bother? >> not going to happen. you are the a tough guy and beat me up over. this but the fact is i don't
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have a specific solution. let me say that if you look at the statistics, the statistics say that people in other developed countries around the world. >> bill: different cultures. >> stricter gun control, guess what, fewer deaths by guns. >> you can do that game all day long, but norway just had 72 people killed by some nut. so, you can do it. >> can't legislate that. >> bill: by the way i admire you for saying you don't have a solution. >> i will be honest with you, always. >> bill: if you don't have a solution and you don't and i don't believe mr. costas does, okay, this you don't bring it up in those terms. >> no, but you can't ignore the obvious. when you have virginia tech. when you have aurora, colorado. you say mental illness. we are putting guns into more and more people's hands. i live in the city. >> bill: nobody is putting guns into anybody's hands. it's an individual american's choice to protect themselves a certain way. nobody is saying you have got to buy a gun. >> no. what i'm saying to you, bill, is look you go down to a state
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like virginia. this is what mayor bloomberg in new york was saying. people go there and take advantage of the gun laws and then give them to the bad guys in new york. philly, chicago, tennessee. >> bill: calm down. why wouldn't mayor bloomberg come out when he is not too busy with the big sodas you bring a thing to new york and i want 10 years mandatory. bring a illegal gun in the city and put you in jail for 10. >> they had those laws. >> bill: they are not federalized. >> they have. >> bill: each state has their own. go mary katharine last word. >> hold on, i'm wait, i'm from virginia. i'm a woman. who doesn't mind having a gun around in case something -- someone comes to my doorstep wanting to do some damage. >> oh, come on. >> another thing gun ownership in virginia up 67% from 2006 to 2011. gun crime down 24%. maybe bloomberg should deal with what's what is in his backyard instead of coming to virginia and talking about our
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laws. cassandra perkins and her are the issue here instead of untenable legislation problem here. >> bill: you can't stat your way out of it, juan. by the way when mary katharine said and i have been giving mary katharine a hard time and now i'm going to stick um her for her tonight. if she feels more comfortable in virginia with a handgun, you shouldn't disparage that juan. >> i'm not. >> you should respect that if that's the way she feels. >> that's fine, bill. get a handgun. >> bill, i'm telling you with mary katharine. the likelihood is her boyfriend shoots her or she shoots a boyfriend. >> bill: you can't stat that. >> i don't have a boyfriend. >> bill: that's it. next on the run down, some christians say that i, your humble correspondent should ease up on the christmas controversy reporting. we'll debate it later, bernie goldberg has some thoughts on the kansas city chiefs murder situation. also on bob costas and we're coming right back. you won't take my life.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight. every year i have to deal with assaults against christmas. that does not make me happy. i don't want to do this. but i personally, i'm fed up. the people who want to diminish the christmas federal holiday are insulting me. and they are insulting you. if you after christian and/or belief in traditional america. there is nothing wrong with christmas. this is not a threat to anyone. it does not make any rational person feel bad. all of this garbage, rhode island refuses to call a christmas tree a christmas tree. schools replacing christmas carols with secular songs, all of that is snumenting. therefore i'm not going to back away from my campaign to keep christmas christmas in this country. father jonathan morris a fox news contributor sees it a bit differently. >> the reason i'm not angry is well, yes, i think it's silly, it's out of place for people
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to dedicate so much energy to try to get rid of christmas scenes like this. the good news is, when christianity has been persecuted, when it has been outlawed, when people have died for their faith it hant gone away. if our christmas is going to be getting upset with people trying to take away our christmas, isn't that silly, too? >> bill: here now is father morris. >> what could you disagree with about what i just said? >> bill: because it isn't silly. >> what's not silly. >> my campaign. >> no it's not at all. >> bill: mine is very deadly serious. >> i agree with you that you should be doing what you are doing. what's silly is the choice of some people to try take christ out of christmas. that's silly and christian way of saying stupid. >> bill: you don't see the urgency of this where i see it. that's where we debart here. i see this as a much larger picture. it's not about the clash. it's not a about a christmas tree and tinsel and charlie
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brown. this is about an assault on christian america that's been going on for many many years. now surely you know that you can bash christians all day long in this country with no consequence. surely you know that. >> do i know that except for the consequence of us speaking out as we are doing now. >> bill: who is speaking out beside me? >> lots of people are speaking out. >> bill: who, name them? >> i'm sitting here. >> bill: you sat the "fox & friends" people silly. and isn't it silly to diminish christmas by even engaging here? >> no, what i said to them it is that it is silly. sillness in a way of for example calling a menorah a holiday candle stick. that's silly. it's irrational. it's not good. what i was trying to say is it's important for us to speak out but not to get upset to the point in which our christmas, my christmas becomes all about being angry at people who are not living christian -- >> bill: i don't think anybody is in that category. i'm certainly not. my charge here is to keep this
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country sane i'm with you. >> here is the guy who do. and it's not an easy deal. i don't have a lot of people coming up behind me. i will give you a perfect example. i believe that christianity in this country is under assault. i believe that the forces of secularism want to destroy as much of the christian tradition that we have in this country as they can. would you disagree with that? >> no, not at all. >> absolutely agree with you. >> we have somebody like caroline kennedy at the democratic convention go up there on the stage, caroline kennedy. identify herself as a catholic woman and launch into a proabortion spiel. not one catholic bishop, not one spoke out against ms. kennedy in public. not one. if you are not going to defend, not you, father morris, but if the structure of christianity in this country isn't going to defend
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what they believe, in you are going to lose. >> i'm with you, bill. i think bish shoppeds should have been more outspoken in that case. i would point to the example of cardinal dollan going to the democratic national convention as did he to the republic national convention, saying two different prayers. praying in different ways. if you read his prayer at the democratic national convention, he was praying for the outf abortion. among other things. >> bill: he is he a good man. dollan is a good man. >> that's why when you bill o'reillys and cardinal dollan. >> bill: here is what he should have done because he was at the democratic convention with ms. kennedy they were there at the same time. he should have done an exorcism on her. would have gotten everybody's attention and linda blair would have been there. >> that's probably why you are not the cardinal archbishop of new york. >> there are many reasons for that i'm telling with you all due respect and affection morris is a friend of mine. if you don't start stepping up
5:20 pm
soon and more forcefully you are going to lose your christian traditions in this country. >> i'm with you, bill. >> bill: gay marriage. i have got nothing against gay marriage, not my issue. i want homosexual americans to be happy and to pursue happiness. >> as i do. >> bill: i'm not to be an antigay marriage warrior if you believe, all right, and the other christian religions and there is a lot of them that gay marriage is wrong and harmful, then you have got to get up there and make just as strong an argument and you haven't. that's why american public is turning against in favor of gay marriage. you are losing these wars, father. >> bill, i don't disagree and i believe with you that there are people who are trying to wipe out the name and the voice of god from the public square. >> bill: that's right. >> when that happens, values of families and individuals change. they are, that he what's happening in america. that's what's happening in europe. every single european country collapsed. >> let me make one suggestion,
5:21 pm
bill. if you think it's only the bishops and pastors with the responsibility to do this you are wrong. >> they're the leaders. >> bill, there are different types of leaders, and catholic lay people, christian lay people have responsibility from their own places of work and their own places of leadership to stand up and to believe and to profess their beliefs and to do it joyfully. >> this isn't a catholic issue. you protestants out there, and you unaffiliated christians, we're all in the same soup bowl here. >> not just christians and catholics. people of belief. >> bill: people who admire the philosophy. >> the religion of christianity. >> bill: we're not going to debate that now. >> it's also a religion. >> bill: it's a religion but it's a philosophy. >> absolutely that too. >> bill: that is being administered by different religions. >> that's true. >> bill: we will have you back for that discussion. >> i couldn't let you get away from w. that. >> i have to wisen you up. i'm going to be excommunicated
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i know. >> ann coulter banned by fordham university, jesse watters investigating. and then adam carolla on his state, california, being the worst one in the union. those reports after these messages. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 c250 for $349 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> bill: watters world segment tonight, i didn't know this but fordham university has banned ann coulter. late last month student in the florida republic club invited ms. coulter to speak on campus. predictably those who opposed her ideology objected. took the side of anti-coulter forces even personally insulted ann. the club rescinded invitation. they have afforded invitation
5:26 pm
to professor who says killing babies after they are born might be acceptable. professor singer was allowed to speak at fordham which is a catholic university. this is chaos, right? who are you going to call? we sent jesse watters out to fordham. >> why do you think ann coulter was cancelled? >> because of her strong opinions. >> we owe black people something. we have a legacy of slavery. immigrants haven't even been in this country. >> i feel like she should have been allowed to speak. >> do you agree or disagree with that? [contradicts chirping] >> i think she is kind of an awful person but. >> an awful person? >> i don't think it would be right to prevent her from coming. i think the university has a couple of responsibilities and one is to make sure that both sides are always represented. [crickets chirping] >> you have heard some of those questions, they get pretty tough after the first two. >> ann coulter was cancelled
5:27 pm
here. do you agree with that. >> definitely agree with it i read something on her opinions after 9/11 and i didn't like them. >> what did she say after 9/11. >> i don't specifically remember it. >> oh, you don't remember? the university invited a guy named peter singer. very extreme views. agrees with infantasized and bestiality. why wasn't there condemnation from the administration about his appearance. >> i wasn't part of that decision so i wouldn't be able to comment. >> they invited him in a context where they wanted to talk about the implications of his other work and the fact that they disagreed with that work. >> you don't think that you could invite ann coulter and have a serious discussion about serious issues with her. >> i think we could. have yet seen her engage in a serious discussion that doesn't divulge into name calling. >> did you know that michael moore is only one person and yet he controls 33% of the world's cholesterol? [ laughter ] >> he also believes that sexual relationships between animals and humans is be mutually satisfying. >> that sounds a little crazy to me. >> would you let him walk your dog? >> i would have to say how he was looking at my dog.
5:28 pm
[ laughter ] >> does your dog bite? >> ann coulter has also spoken at harvard, columbia and cornell. >> she has. >> do those schools have more tolerance, do you think, than you guys. >> i would not have rather her been prevented and i wld allow her and me allowed to protest abortion and whatnot. >> did you protest the speech by peter singer? >> no, i didn't. i had class at that time. >> i hate myself when i do things like that. [crickets chirping] >> i'm trying to think. >> you have got to be patient. >> do you know what things she said that's been so controversial? >> a lot of racist stuff, i heard. >> what racist things did she say. >> i don't really -- what was the question again? >> what's done is forgotten. >> it is not forgotten. >> the mission at fordham university is to provide a catholic education for our students. >> excuse me, sir, call over here. >> yes, sir. >> healed. >> we will move it thank you very much.
5:29 pm
>> do you ever watch bill o'reilly by any chance? >> unfortunately, yes. >> o'reilly is the man. >> what's your favorite part of the show? >> i love watters world when you are on. >> you are the biggest thing on television. [ laughter ] >> have you ever heard of bill o'reilly. >> i actually ran into him once in a kay at cafe. >> he bought me coffee he liked the color of my eyes. >> get out of here. >> i will rip your head off and use it as radiator cap. >> bill: we invited mcshane the president of the university on. of course he won't come in. you can't defend this. who else have they had add fordham to speak that have been controversial. >> just recently they had bill maher, very tame individual. >> bill: i don't understand. i really don't get. this this is right at in your wheel house, mr. mcshane or dr. mcshane i'm sure you are. if you are going to have a guy like bill maher who really, really has -- there is mcshane -- you know, said a lot of i have the tri ole lick attack stuff and you are not
5:30 pm
going to have ann coulter have you got explain that. now, it's a private university. they can do what they want. if this were a state university, it would be a lot of trouble. but these guys can do pretty much -- is there any justification in your mind? could you see anything? >> the only thing that they said, peter singer, you know, supports bestiality, supports infanticide. the only reason they gave it he is a faculty member and ann coulter is a pundit. ward church chill is a faculty member. >> that was a poor assistant dean who i happened ting in down. the school wouldn't give me anybody to speak to so i had to flag the guy down. >> bill: fordham is a fine school. good law school this sem bare wassing it? >> is embarrassing. half the people don't even know why they don't like ann coulter. >> bill: i don't blame -- you were in college, okay? you see, was i in college. we were idiots, too. all right. plenty more ahead the factor moves along this evening.
5:31 pm
adam carolla on california being the worst run state in the union. bernie goldberg on the terrible kansas city football situation. his book trump my book. do you think that's ever going to happen? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪
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and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends dember 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. >> bill: new survey from the internet says that california is the worst run state in the union. north dakota is the best. top five best run states. north dakota, wyoming, nebraska, utah and wyoming.
5:34 pm
that's based on fiscal responsibility. worst run california, rhode island, illinois, illinois, new jersey. hello governor christie. joining us now to lament that his state tops the list adam carolla. you are not surprised about this. >> no, not at all. as a matter of fact i had a great example of why we are last. it happened to me over the weekend. on friday, i was in winnipeg, canada and when i checked into the hotel, they said oh, you know who is in the room right next to yours? samuel l. jackson. and i thought what the hell is he doing in winnipeg in november? it's horrible. the weather is horrible. i remembered oh he is shooting a movie in winnipeg. then i realized, that's right. he lives in beverly hills but he does all his work in winnipeg and other parts of canada, meaning samuel l. jackson the small business
5:35 pm
just picks up and leaves to avoid the unions and taxes. i'm a fan of samuel l. vaction jacuzzi and i will apologize apologize -- jacuzzi and i will apoll jackson. the movie takes place in l.a. >> forgive me for explaining the point. in california they used to shoot most of the movies in los angeles, hollywood. the film capital of the world. but the expenses are so now onerous because of the unions, regulations, environmental, on and on and on, that the movie companies headed mostly by liberal individuals an samuel l. jacuzzi is certainly one of those. shoot everything in canada, all of their principles of labor go flying out the
5:36 pm
window. california loses all of that revenue that they used to have because of all the craziness. is that the point you were trying to make there, carolla? >> right. it's exactly the point very eloquently made. and, like i said, he is a business. and he moves. other businesses go to texas and they stay there for good. and that's what's happening in-to-california. california, honestly, is like a hot blonde high school chic who has been getting by on her looks, never having to study, not having to exercise or eat right, just a beautiful genetic hand, a beautiful ocean, beautiful mountains, beautiful weather, and now she is 45, and she is falling apart. and look at north dakota is number one. >> north dakota because they have all the energy and they need a lot of people to harvest that. >> that would be the fat chic with the bad skin who has to work twice as hard in order to get the date on a saturday
5:37 pm
night. that's what that is. >> bill: i have been to north dakota and there is lovely scandinavian dissen dance up there. >> nobody wants to live. >> it's cold. california we have been getting by on our looks for a long time. >> bill: it's beautiful. you have the mountains and the oceans. you mucked it up. you ought to run for governor and unmuck it. >> well, you know what? carolla in 20 -- i don't know what the date even rubbing. -- run aring. who is the governor? i can't believe jerry brown is running this state. >> bill: it's insane. i like the governor he doesn't have control of the situation. arnold did a horrible job. you are going to be on leno tomorrow night. this is interesting. carolla on leno tuesday night. paving the way for my appearance on thursday night. so this is nice of you to go on and tell everybody i'm coming. >> i am going to tell everyone
5:38 pm
o'reilly is on the way. i will herald your arrival. >> bill: what are you going to talk about on leno. >> i imagine he is going to ask about my beard i will will tell him i was going tore the ben affleck look but instead i got yasser arafat. >> bill: that's very very good. why don't you come on with a little head gear then you can make your point. adam carolla on leno tomorrow night. as always we come right back. bernie goldberg on costas, guns and the terrible kansas city chiefs crime. berne is next. i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. information on my phone. connection to doctors who get where i'm from.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. let's get to the purveyor of bernard who joins you from miami. you heard bob costas at halftime talking about the gun situation as it relates to the kansas city chiefs guy. what do you think? >> well, like you i know bob does stats. he is a good friend of mine and is he a very thoughtful guy. the first thing, just to get it out of the way, he was on for less than a minute and almost all of the time he spent quoting a very fine columnist out in kansas city named jason whitlock. as far as bob himself is concerned, i spoke to him
5:42 pm
today at length. and he told me that he, in no way, wants and if he could even snap his fingers and make it happen, he wouldn't repeal the second amendment because of abuses that some people commit with guns. and any more than he would repeal the first amendment because some people say stupid things and hurtful things so that's what it is about. he told me he has no problem with people who have guns to protect their homes or to go hunting. he said that he thinks there should be reasonable gun control so that people don't have -- can't go online and build an arsenal of guns and put it in their basement. but the most important thing he told me, bill, is that he wasn't by and large talking about gun laws. he was talking about a gun culture that creates an attitude he says in some young people whereby more bad things happen with guns than good
5:43 pm
things. and this is my interpretation of precisely what he meant. that some people use guns to settle arguments, some people use guns to show that they demand respect. some people use guns because somebody looks at them funny. but in no way he made clear does he want laws to abolish guns because of these abuses. and i think he has been taken hits from people on the right today. and i think people on the right should be first and foremost in favor agreeing with him on this attitude. this attitude that as he said deadens empathy in some people and has more bad things happening with guns than good things. >> the mistake that costas made was that he weighed into a waded into emotional person. he used the issue of the murder of the woman and suicide of the player and then he put on top of that an
5:44 pm
emotional issue that people, they hear what they want to hear, bernie, you know that people hear what they want to hear. >> absolutely. >> what they heard from bob costas was that he wanted law-abiding citizen to either give up their guns or have a harder time getting them. if you are going to get into this, you have got to do what i did at the top of the program. give it three and a half minutes, put for the some solutions and talk about it in a nonemotional, very clinical way. and even now i'm going to -- you know i will get thousands of emails attacking me for whatever. but, i'm worried about this madness component. and now i want to talk to you about this. you have -- you did some reporting on the head injuries in the nfl. and there have been many. and just recently we had soo out in san diego commit suicide. deurson, chicago paris star and this guy for the kansas city chiefs who goes mad. nobody does what he does unless you snap.
5:45 pm
i don't believe there is a correlation between football and madness, do you? i have spoken to the absolute foremost experts in the this field. while i want to make clear while i'm not talking about what was in belcher's head, the football player's head when he killed the woman and himself, i don't know what was in his head then. but i will tell you that the science is unequivocal on this. that repeated hits to the head. not just concussions by the way but routine hits to the head that football players take often lead far more than in the general lop legs lead to depression, the early on set of ghen sharks alzheimer's and even lou gehrig's disease there no question about that who would deny that it's the roughest game in the world maybe with the exception of
5:46 pm
rugby and if you are going to play it it, you are taking a bodily risk. everyone knows that. >> absolutely. >> you are richly rewarded if you succeed. and then there are guys like my friend frank gifford who played many many years, got a bunch of concussions but, you know, he is now an elderly man but is he still in good shape. so it's not a cause and effect, this is absolutely going to happen. but the culture of pro-football now is so intense and these guys take a lot of substance, whether they admit it or not, painkillers, just to build your body up and all of that. that i'm just wondering whether this is a really now off the chart high risk group for the madness exon inept. >> you can smoke and not necessarily get lung disease or cancer but you don't want to take that chance. the cdc did a study this year. i think it came out just fairly recently that said if you have been in the nfl for at least five years there is
5:47 pm
four times greater chance that you will die of dementia, you will die of dementia than if you did something else for a living. such as being an accountant or being an anchor man or flying an airplane or anything. so, statistically, no. it doesn't happen to everybody. you can retire and be okay. but, by the same token, it's going to happen to people who have taken repeated hits to the head far more often. bad things happen to them far more often four times more often is a lot than people who didn't play football. reality check on deck. colbert trying to get his book ahead of my book. do you think that will ever happen? check is next. where's your gift? uh... whew.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tent. relate check where we bring you stories you may have missed. check one, the new gallup poll rated the ethical standards of various professions. nurse the highest, 8 a% think they are ethical. dentists okay with 62% of the folks. clergy just 52% of americans think they are ethical in general. journalists only 24% applaud their ethics at the very bottom. 10% think congress is ethical with sales people coming in at 8%. congress and journalists need some work. check 2. the kennedy center honors are given out. dustin hoffman and david letterman getting recognition. as part of the program ray romano chatted with tina fey. >> you don't get paid more than us, though. >> no, everybody gets scale. >> what is scale like 600. >> something like that. >> $678 i think. oh, that's 296 after taxes. [ laughter ]
5:52 pm
>> and next year the take home will be even less, ho ho ho. check 3, starbucks has a new $7 cup of coffee for your consideration. jimmy kimmel picked up on it. >> starbucks is introducing a new super premium $7 a cup brand of coffee. we are seeing if people can tell the difference between the regular and the super premium. >> okay. so try the different coffee. >> all righty. which is the super premium and why? >> i want to say this one because it has more of a richer taste. it tastes stronger, more premium, i guess. >> okay. i should mention that we didn't even bother to get the $7 coffee. [ laughter ] >> we got a cup of regular coffee and poured the exact same coffee in both cups. [ laughter ] >> this one is the smoother
5:53 pm
flavor. the other one is slightly bitter. this has a richer, bolder taste. >> i believe this one just tastes richer and lighter. >> it has a beanie taste. it tastes like the bean. >> it all tastes the same. both taste the same. [ applause ] bill. [ laughter ] i'm a country continue doughnut guy myself. two bucks on long island. not going any more than two. finally check 4. about two month ago stephen colbert's book was released on the exact same day that killing lincoln. killing kennedy, i should say was released. so far killing kennedy has sold more than five times as many copies as stevey's. so, he is on a campaign. >> we peaked at number 3 and every week since i'm trailing bill o'reilly's best sellers. there is no bigger fan of bill o'reilly than bill himself. [ laughter ]
5:54 pm
but i am a close second. nevertheless, there are no friends on the best seller list. tonight, i am launching operation killing, killing kennedy. [cheers and applause] >> i need everyone within the sound of my voice to go buy my book and for the record, this isn't me abusing our relationship by telling you to buy my book. this is me reminding you you're gonna buy my book eventually. let's not do it in dribs and drabs. let's get it done all in one week and rock it to the top. [cheers and applause] >> bill: we wish mr. colbert good luck with that in the spirit of christmas, of course. that is reality check. factor tip of the day up next. what you should do at christmas time. the tip 60 seconds away. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪
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about what you should do this christmas season. we have great gifts and grand bargains swell. this is the last week i can sign copies of my best selling books because we have so many order, about five million of these books are now in print. thank you very much. if you become a bill o' premium member, you get any of those books free of charge. we've got mugs for you, facts, the hats, factor word book. please remember all the money i derive from the website goes to charity, and now the mail. larry from thailand. it's wonderful to celebrate christmas here without any controversy. we have huge christmas trees and displacdisplays and there's neva problem. the war on christmas is ridiculous. there are decorations paid for by the government. scott from calgary, candidate.
5:57 pm
my lutheran pastor said christianity is not a religion. he sees it as a faith. it's only a faith if you believe jesus is god, scott. police like thomas jefferson whose belief system wasn't very clear followed the christian philosophy. mike from canada. my wife was told not to wish her customers merry christmas because it will offend some people. it's brutal, bill, keep up your good fight. >> the defense says the kid snuck out of the house the night of the accident. we'll let the case evolve in the court system, chris. the segment was a general look at parental responsibility when minors commit terrible crimes. maggie allen down in california. i almost totally agree with the d. a. wherever parental rights have been diminished in the country, that makes the situation difficult. parenting has always been
5:58 pm
difficult. you simply have to do what's right for your kids an fight for the right to protect them. i do agree the secular court system in america has made raising a child much more difficult as has the public school system. erika from california. thanks, bill, for the tip of the day. i went to and got a check for $3400. whoa. erika. big score. please donate some of that money to charity this christmas time. and finally tonight, the factor tip of the day. just about three weeks before christmas and here's my type for you this evening. take your calendar, all right, and every day of the christmas season write down a nice thing that you're going to do. could be volunteering, donating, giving an unexpecteexpected gif. mentoring a child. anything, right it down. be nice, money to charity, watch the factor. you've gotta write 'em down, all right. so if you write 'em down and you look at your calendar, you're going to do it. if you don't, the thoughts come
5:59 pm
in and out. when you can do ten of those things if you write it down, you can do ten on the christmas season, make them all happen. tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o' we had a very interesting talking points memo this evening about the kansas city chief crime. a lost different aspects to this, but bob costas who, you know, we've said he's a friend, we like him. he ignited this big controversy. i think we handled it responsibly. we want you to spout off about the factor and let us know. o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a bluter when writing the factor. you will be if you blindly write things like everybody should have a bazooka. that's not what is intended by the founding facts to allow us to protect ourselves. we don't


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